Donation Program

A gift to the Jake Gittlen Laboratories for Cancer Research is the most meaningful thing you can do for someone who has just lost a loved one, to honor someone, or to send well wishes. It goes beyond most ordinary ways of expressing sympathy. It means that you want to fight back against cancer.

Your donation will help us continue to battle cancer through our research at Hershey Medical Center. It’s a fight we can’t afford to lose.

How it works

When you make a donation to the Jake Gittlen Laboratories for Cancer Research, the person you designate receives a card that indicates who the donation is for, and also lists your name as the donor. We will also send you an acknowledgement.

  • Minimum Donation: $5.00
  • Please send appropriate card to

  • Your information

Want to donate via check? Click here to print this form.

Return to: Gittlen Cancer Fund C/O Nan Silverman · 1062 Bomar Court, Mars, PA 16046 with your check enclosed.

Note: Contributions are tax deductible